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art, hobby & work.
Sunday, October 03, 2010 3:39 PM

Colleague A:
"Geez man, coming back to work on a Sunday? Don't you have a life?"

Colleague B:
"I do. Right now, it's on 'pause'."

i love work!! :)) or at least e animation part of it.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 11:35 PM

maybe the reason we find the wrong ones
are so that we know when we find the right one.

:'( just saw some really touching wedding photos.

& aaahhh, Dexter, the most lovable serial killer ever <3 .

Sunday, July 25, 2010 11:50 PM

i think there's something sad about astronauts.

so yesterday i went to send lee yeung off at the airport w many other ppl.
it's funny how airports make you remember a lot of things about ppl and the times together that you seldom recall.

so to lee yeung: 再见 & 保重 ok!!
I really wish you all the best & I know you will make great works with your ideas & art :)
don't forget to find me if you're gonna make a great layered movie like inception!! I'll be your forger (actor/animator) hahaha.

Okay, so I haven't really been updating and it's really not my fault. (not to mention facebook is the new blog, pictures speak a thousand words.)
There's really nothing I can say about work T_T !
Everything's confidential, everything's kept in wraps.
Even I don't know the exact details though I wish to tell you how exciting life is in LF.
It's a really great working environment, no doubt about it.
The only bad part is that I can't share any of my excitement with anybody!! So if you ask me how's work, and I reply vaguely, pls don't hold it against me or think i'm snobby.

Also, everyone's asking me "So you confirm going to Bournemouth?"
I mean, yes, I am ready, my parents are ready, but!
I haven't applied (it's way too early now) and who knows what might come along the way?

What if I get to work on an exciting project and wouldn't want to leave it halfway?
What if my name could be in some big project's credits?
Then I might reconsider postponing my studies.

So, yes, it's "confirmed" in the sense that i'm all ready, but.
the only constant is change.

i love the line: 這愛情無人証。

i miss sun yan zi and her sad, emo not-too-girly strong voice. so proud she's not imported from china or something.

everyone has their own war to fight.

Breaking News
Saturday, May 08, 2010 10:22 PM


Contrary to popular belief, Clara is not dead yet!

It turns out that the lovely girl was simply willingly confined within the boundaries of Expo working very hard. Reports have shown that the episodes she worked on on the Clone Wars were very well recieved and she has been getting harder and harder shots, much to her joy.

Although more time consuming, these harder shots give her a lot of satisfaction, a healthy dose of pride and confidence which she was severely lacking of a year ago. Her work on the show was also acknowledged with a healthy increment and kind words from colleagues.

It has been through such medicine that Clara has kept her sanity and her health has been reported to be on the incline with the help of more trips to Orchard Road.

More overseas trips were also prescribed by her doctor to help her improve her de-proving vision, both physically and emotionally.
Though seemingly healthy, Clara's eyesight have been deteriorating, staring at computer screens intently for 12 hours a day being suspected as the main culprit.

Although seemingly emotionally stable too, Clara has also been affected by the horrible stories of the politics going on in the office and needs endless sea and blue skies that are not confined to a window frame to open her mind and help her to know that there are bigger things out there then games in the office.

Clear blue seas are also reported to help ease her worries about studying abroad all alone with no more chinese soup to drink.

Saturdays with friends or Shi Han are her favorite, but rumors have surfaced that she occasionally abandons them and spends a great amount of Saturday time cajoling her bolster.

The Nonsense Times tried to contact her this afternoon for a phone interview, only to be greeted by sobs and a cut-off line.
Her agent later apologized and said she is currently under Grey's Anatomy medication and needs to be left alone to be sappy.

An interview with Clara will commence in the next few weeks, but meanwhile, Clara would really like to thank God for all the favor and goodness and wisdom He has given to her, especially in the office.
And for her family and fans friends for calling her out to dinner and supper and offering her chewing gum and instant soups and making her feel loved.

flip that book!
Wednesday, October 21, 2009 11:08 PM


:D link to Benettonplay's online flipbook!
you can duplicate frames easily, preview your animation,
and there's even an onion skin of the previous frame! <3
the only bad thing is you can't take away frames, meaning even if you delete the drawing on frame 4, they'll still play thru frame 4's blank page.
so count your frames before you put too many holds like i did.

look at my 5minute animation that a primary sch kid cld do:

hurhur sooo fun!

since i haven't been postin since the stone ages, thought i'd jus do a mini one to boast to update everyone that i'm goin to korea <3 !!!

hurhurhur. i'm on my way to becoming a real 21 yr old!
i'm out to see the world all by myself!
I was wondering what am I gonna change about me when i turn 21,
so i decided - i'm gonna do many things i've never done before!
Before I even realized, it seems i'm already on my way to accomplishin some tasks on the list.

1. Go on a self-planned trip with a friend, with self-earned money! Total self-reliance x)
2. Go bungee jumping <3 !!! (Read online that they have a cheap one in korea *_* ARRHH. i wanna go, i'm jus afraid it'll be too cold ):
3. Do a facial.
4. Do a manicure + pedicure.... (i've never done no.3 & 4?!! wad kinda girl am i?!!)
5. Get a wii.
6. Buy lots of food for my parents.
7. Get an ipod classic.
8. Get the olympus ep1, canon g7 or the likes.

....and many other personal not-to-be-published-online goals. :D

you know, i like making to-do lists.
i feel very accomplished putting a tick next to the goal and drawing stars and moons on my calender x)

now to find a part time degree. anyone knows where to get a part time animation degree?

this looks kick-ass!
Monday, July 27, 2009 10:11 AM



looks freaking awesome. :D !!!
i'm not biased. Definitely not!


Marvel Entertainment Inc., has partnered with renowned Japanese animation studio Madhouse and multiple-Eagle Award winner Warren Ellis to create four all new anime versions of classic Marvel Super Heroes. Here is an exciting first glimpse of IRON MAN!

lastly, a shout out to kai liang!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU ARE OLD! :D

Friday, July 03, 2009 12:38 AM

when i think of animation, i feel this way :) :) :)

I feel so good
不会累 !!!

- 孙燕姿 : 超快感

and a shout out to hui zhen for lending me her wii *_* u are awesomely kind!
even I wouldn't lend me my wii :S

i saw pictures of nyp n the old final year proj room on facebook and

enjoy it while u can people, don complain.

i keep tellin shi han i wanna be a fun YOUTHFUL STUDENT again.
you know, its not the paper that matters, it's the experience u get, the friends you make, the beach of FLORIDA you get to roll about on! omggg.
jia you mada! you must take 9486284365867 pictures for me to see ok!!! MUST! take every angle of the place so i feel like i've been there myself! haha xD

alright (: ciao,
more work tmr for the workin 'adult'.